Flicks & Tickets

film-596011_960_720 - CroppedTickets are priced to ensure a great value night out. Bring a blanket, a beanbag and any of your favourite comforts. Then settle in for a fab flick or two under the stars.

We typically show some family-friendly flicks on a Friday, followed by something wicked for grown-ups on the Saturday, and we’re always open to ideas.

If there’s something you’d really like us to show at an upcoming Flicks, jump across to our Facebook page and let us know!

We are very pleased to be offering you the choice to get in early and buy your Drive-In Car tickets online. We have partnered with the secure ticketing services of Ticketebo for the provision of our online ticket sales.

Car Spots: As you might imagine, there are only so many cars we can fit in the drive-in to ensure everyone has a great view. We highly recommend arriving early to avoid disappointment.